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Welcome to Region 58

Over 2,000 kids and 100s of families & volunteers spend Saturday together at the park; cheering, laughing, growing and learning to develop a life-long passion for sports and the game of soccer.

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AYSO 58 New Year Winter Camp 2017

Fall 2016: Season Updates


Dear AYSO Region 58 Families:

This was a truly wonderful season. We had great fields, great coaches, great volunteers, and great weather. I cannot give enough thanks to those of you who volunteered to set up and take down the fields, run the snack bar, staff the info tent, coach, ref, serve as team parents, and manage our program. Our goal is to enrich children’s lives through soccer and we couldn’t do that without you.

Regular season games for 2016 are now done. This Saturday we will have semifinal and final games only for U10, U12, and U14. For those of you with children playing next week, we will follow up with you directly for the limited volunteer help we will need

Three things to be aware of this week:

Makeup Pictures and Yearbooks: Makeup pictures will be mailed directly by our vendor, NSPN. If you expect pictures and do not receive them by the end of next week, please email your division manager. We understand that some of the yearbooks we handed out may have been missing pages and had pages out of order. If you received a defective yearbook, please let your coach know. The coaches will inform the division managers and we will figure out how to replace any with issues.

Winter Camp: We are hosting a winter camp from January 2nd through the 6th from 9am to noon open to players aged 4 to 16. The camp will be hosted by UK Soccer/AYSO Camps, the company that provides our UK trainers. You can sign up online at  

2017: Once our winter camp is complete, we will open up enrollment for our Spring Season. The Spring Season is run by UK Soccer and runs from March through May. Like the regular season the players will have two practices a week and a game on Saturday, but the program is a little more informal than our Fall season. We will also have two one-week camps this summer. Information to follow about both in the new year. And look for registration to open for our Fall 2017 program online around March. AYSO will be moving to a new registration system that will hopefully improve the experience for all of us. 

We would very much appreciate your feedback on our program and our season. If you have suggestions for how we can improve things next year, please email me. And we are always looking for volunteers to help with the managerial side of things, so if you’d be willing to lend a hand with division management or some other aspect of our program, let me know and we’d love to have you come to a board meeting to learn more.

Thank you again for a great season and I look forward to seeing you out on the fields next time.

David Schnider

Regional Commissioner

AYSO Region 58

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Snack Bar Update


Once again, just a few items to note this week:
1.  Playoff game MENU on 12/10 - No grill on Saturday, but we will have COFFEE, donuts, English Muffins, water, soda, gatorade, chips, churros, SMOOTHIES and a few other things (see below)

2.  Ice cream sundaes special for 12/10 - offering sundaes while they last!!!
3.  Snack Bar Bucks for Fall 2016 expire on 12/10

1.  Playoff game MENU on 12/10 - thanks to everyone who came to the Snack Bar last week, we ran out of a lot of things (and saved my waist at least 3 or 4 inches!!!).  Given the limited number of teams playing on Saturday, we will be open at 8:00am with COFFEE, donuts, English Muffins, water, soda, gatorade, chips, churros, SMOOTHIES, and anything else that we have as long as they last.  We might even have some french fries, chicken nuggets and corn dogs (assuming that we crank up the fryer!!!)  We'll stay open until around 1:00 or 1:30pm (before the last playoff games).  We do have plenty of drinks on hand in case you need that extra water or gatorade for the players.  We also do have English Muffins (with hundreds of little nooks and crannies!!!) that we normally use for the egg sandwiches, but for this weekend, there's no eggs, so we are just having them toasted (and that's no yoke).

2.  Ice cream sundaes special for 12/10 - Well here's the SCOOP on the ICE CREAM :-)  We still have enough ice cream for about 75 ice cream sundaes, so for the LOW LOW LOW price of $2.00 per sundae, you can get one while they last on Saturday.

Snack Bar Bucks for Fall 2016 expire on 12/10 - my last friendly reminders about our Snack Bar bucks.  (1) the Fall 2016 SBB's expire on 12/10, so redeem them this weekend while you can.  (2) the Fall 2015 SBB's expired LAST December, so please don't bring those to try to redeem them (a few people have done so, much to the disappointment of our accountants.)
Lastly, enjoy your games on Saturday, keep hydrated, and let's all have a safe, fair and fun day.

Joe Lewis, 
Registrar, AYSO Region 58