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Welcome to Region 58

Over 2,000 kids and 100s of families & volunteers spend Saturday together at the park; cheering, laughing, growing and learning to develop a life-long passion for sports and the game of soccer.

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Fall 2016: Season Updates

9/11/2016 Update:

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help make our first day of games a great success. Here are the important updates for the week: 

Ref Training: Every team in U10 and up needs to earn at least 15 referee points to make the playoffs. If you don’t have the points, your team doesn’t play. The last chance to get trained is in Encino on September 18th. Log into eAYSO and under the Lookup menu search for courses in Section 10, Area V to sign up. If you miss this and find your team low on points late in the season, we won’t be able to help you.

Division Days: U10 parents and others turned out in force yesterday. Thanks coaches for getting the word out! Let’s keep the momentum going. Next week GU8 and BU8 have their division days and we are already looking great. Only 16 more spots to fill! Please sign up at!1567578/false/false. Remember that we are an all volunteer organization and every family must do at least 2 volunteer jobs per season. 

Picture Day: Mark your calendars. Picture Day will be on October 1st. Teams will need to arrive about 90 minutes before their game time, so please plan ahead. We will provide more information about a week in advance. 

We hope you enjoyed the first day of games and we look forward to seeing everyone for another game day this Saturday

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Snack Bar Update


Well, as you clearly know, this Saturday is Picture Day.  What does that mean for all of us soccer fans at the park?  
VOLUNTEERS – WE NEED YOU!!! We still have less than half of the volunteers that we need to make the picture taking process run smoothly, so PLEASE find a couple of hours of time on Saturday to help us out.  Sign up at for any of the shifts – we really, really, really need your help.
On the Snack Bar front, there's good news and some not-so-good-news:
First the good news:
1.  Breakfast on Saturday starting at 7:00 am - The Snack bar will be open for breakfast at 7:00 am with egg muffin sandwiches, pancakes, donuts, and of course, COFFEE, which leads me to the next item.
2.  THIRD ANNUAL COFFEE TASTE CHALLENGE - to encourage you to try our Groundwork Certified Organic Coffee, we want you to buy a cup o' java for JUST $2.00.  If you don't like the coffee, then tell us... we'll give you the coffee for free - of course the cup will still cost you the $2.00.  Hey, we are not in this to lose money; we just want you to try the coffee and be amazed at how much better it is than that "other barista-brewed stuff that costs much more, comes in a fancier cup, and takes longer to get.".
3.  Express Lane – Our Express Lane is doing really well this year helping people who just want to get a drink and a small snack (pretzel, churro or chips), and have cash or Snack Bar Bucks.  We’ve cut down the wait time and reduced the lines at the snack bar windows.  The drinks are ice cold, so if you’re in a rush and just need water or a Gatorade, go to the Express Lane tent.
4.  Progress on funding our Region's scholarships - we don't have exact numbers yet, but thanks to everyone's support of the Snack Bar over the past 3 weeks, we estimate that we are close to funding over $3,000 in scholarships that we have given to players in our Region.  All of those egg sandwiches, cups of coffee, hamburgers, hot dogs, smoothies, snow cones and drinks really do add up to a meaningful contribution to our community.  When thinking about where to eat breakfast, or where to buy the team a snack (pretzels and churros after the game) or lunch, please consider continuing to support our Region and those among us who would not be able to play soccer if it weren't for your purchases.
Now the not-so-good news (with some recommendations to make it better):
1.  Parking will be a hassle and some tempers might flare (try to keep it calm out there in the parking lot) - arrive early, don't block other people's cars and don't double park (even for a few minutes).  Keep an extra careful eye out for kids dashing through the parking lot… we need to keep those kids safe!!!!
2.  Kids will be waiting in what some might consider "lines" for what seems like an eternity to get their picture taken (even though it will only be about 30 to 45 minutes) - buy the kids a light snack (like a pretzel – good carbs, low fat, perfect before a game) or a drink (water or gatorade, but I'd go easy on the coffee before the game for the kids unless they really are craving decaf).
3.  Games might get started a little late, but they will get started, and once they start, they will eventually end.  If they start late, that's more time for you and your kids to eat that healthy egg muffin sandwich before the game.  If they end a little late, there's still going to be snack at the end of the game, which might be lunch or a smoothie or a pretzel or churro.  (Are you starting to get the idea here about where to go before and / or after your game???)
Lastly, enjoy your games on Saturday, have your kids put their best smiles on, and let's all have a safe, fair and fun Picture Day.  Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, please come to the Snack Bar to support our program.