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Welcome to Region 58

Over 2,000 kids and 100s of families & volunteers spend Saturday together at the park; cheering, laughing, growing and learning to develop a life-long passion for sports and the game of soccer.

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Fall 2016: Season Updates

8/25/2016 Update:
The countdown to the start of the Fall Season has started and there are lots of questions being asked.  Here’s an update to give you some more detailed information on the following items.  Click on an item below to get more info!!!

  1. Team Assignments – what to do if you have not been contacted by a coach yet.
  2. Game schedules – when will they be available, and how do I find them.
  3. Snack Bar Update – Player scholarship program, new menu, Express lines (drinks, pretzels and churros)
  4. Volunteer opportunities – team / family requirements

1.  Team Assignments – teams have been formed in all divisions EXCEPT for GU14 (which is happening within the next few days).  If you have not yet been contacted by a coach, please do the following:

  1. Log into eAYSO, click on the menu item “Contact your Coach/Region”.  The information shown will look like one of the items below:


  1. If the Team Name is shown and the Coach Name is shown, then you will have the Coach’s contact information.
  2. If the Team Name is shown, but the Coach Name is “Unavailable”,  then your child is on a team, but you need to contact the Division Manager for your child’s age group to get the coach contact information (Division manager emails are shown at
  3. If the Team name shows “Unavailable” and the Registered On shows a date, then your child has NOT been assigned to a team yet.  Contact the Division Manager for your child’s age group to get the coach contact information (Division manager emails are shown at
  4. The Team Website link for Shutterfly is NOT operational this season, so clicking on that link will give you an error message.

2.  Game schedules – The schedules are being worked on now, and we hope to have them available on our website before Labor Day weekend; however, with over 100 teams being scheduled for 12 weeks of the season, it’s a lot of work.  The schedules will be posted on our website at:  When they are released, we will send out another email letting you know.

3.  Snack Bar Update:

  1. We now take Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  2. For Opening Ceremonies, the Snack Bar will be open starting at 8:30am serving breakfast (COFFEE, egg sandwiches, pancakes, bagels, etc..).  Starting 10:30am, we’ll be serving lunch (1/3 lb Sirloin Burgers, Hebrew National Jumbo Hot Dogs, Fries, etc…).  We have a new menu, and to serve everyone quicker, we will have an Express Station for people who just want water, Gatorade, Pretzels or Churros.  (Express Station will be cash only.)
  3. Our Gentlemen O’ Grill (the “GOG’s) are coming back this season with a passion for serving you.  Come by and say “Hello, and Thank You” to Allan Weaver, Steve Reisig and Steve Orenstein, none of whom have kids in the program anymore, but volunteer anyway.
  4. Player Scholarship Program – Last season, we raised over $8,000 from the net proceeds of the Snack Bar to fund the costs of over 50 kids at our Region.  These kids would not have been able to afford to play soccer had it not been for your purchases at the Snack Bar.  Our target this season is to DOUBLE that amount so that no child loses the opportunity to play soccer due to financial burdens.

4.  Volunteer opportunities – It takes over 3000 volunteer hours each week to make soccer happen for your kids.  Details of the volunteer opportunities available are on our website at:   To get these 3000 hours staffed, we ask that each family volunteer just 4 hours during the season on their child’s Division Days (one job for approximately 2 hours twice during the season.)  Your coach or team parent will be asking you to sign up to volunteer, so please help them out… it’s fun, a great role model for your kids, and we can’t run this program without you!!!