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Welcome to Region 58

Over 2,000 kids and 100s of families & volunteers spend Saturday together at the park; cheering, laughing, growing and learning to develop a life-long passion for sports and the game of soccer.

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AYSO 58 New Year Winter Camp 2017

Fall 2016: Season Updates


Three things to be aware of this week:

Final Games: The schedule for December 3rd and 10th is online: All teams U6 through U14 play this Saturday. If you have a friendly we may not have refs available, so please have parents ready to AR the sidelines. Teams in playoff games must provide at least 1 ref for one playoff game on December 3rd. If you do not provide a ref for at least 1 playoff game you will not advance to the next round on December 10th

Pictures, Trophies, and Yearbooks: We expect to have yearbooks, makeup pictures, and trophies available this Saturday. Please have a coach or team parent pick them up before your game. We still need volunteers to help hand them out, so please sign up using the link above. And please be patient with the people handing them out — they are volunteers just like you.

Winter Camp: We are hosting a winter camp from January 2nd through the 6th from 9am to noon open to players aged 4 to 16. The camp will be hosted by UK Soccer/AYSO Camps, the company that provides our UK trainers. You can sign up online at  

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Snack Bar Update


Hi Soccer fans,  

Last Full Day of Games on 12/3 - Snack Bar Update!!!!

Once again, just a few items to note this week:
1.  Last full game day on 12/3 - we NEED to clear out all of our food inventory
2.  Breakfast - cold mornings => hot breakfast
Coffee, Hot chocolate, egg sandwiches, pancakes and donuts
3.  Ice cream sundaes special for 12/3 - offering sundaes while they last!!!
4.  Snack Bar Bucks for Fall 2016 expire on 12/10

1.  Last full game day on 12/3 - we NEED to clear out all of our food inventory.  As you know, we don't keep the snack bar open during the off-season, so we try to sell out ALL of our perishable food (egg sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc...) on 12/3.  According to Snack Bar guidelines, whatever is left over (even if it is 10 burgers, 20 hot dogs and 15 corn dogs) is supposed to be eaten by the Snack Bar manager at the end of the day on 12/3 as punishment for not planning the food purchases properly.  Please help me out so that the food does not go to waist (as in my waist), and help the program by making this last push to clear out all of our food.

2.  Breakfast - Coffee, Hot chocolate, egg sandwiches, pancakes, bagels and donuts.  It's going to be chilly on Saturday morning, so warm up with some awesome Groundwork Certified Organic coffee or Hot Chocolate, and get that "hot off the grill" breakfast of champions (egg sandwiches or pancakes).  Remember that our egg sandwiches are made either with or without meat (your choice!!!).

3.  Ice cream sundaes special for 12/3 - offering sundaes while they last!!!  We have lots of pre-scooped vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with a bunch of fixin's (whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce) that we are offering for the LOW price of $2.00 per sundae.  This is the best Saturday sundae deal in town.  We'll be selling these just this weekend while supplies last, so come for lunch and have that sundae (you really know you want one!!!).

Snack Bar Bucks for Fall 2016 expire on 12/10 - just two friendly reminders about our Snack Bar bucks.  (1) the Fall 2016 SBB's expire on 12/10, so redeem them this weekend while you can.  (2) the Fall 2015 SBB's expired LAST December, so please don't bring those to try to redeem them (a few people have done so much to the disappointment of our accountants.)
Lastly, enjoy your games on Saturday, keep hydrated, and let's all have a safe, fair and fun day.  We will provide you with a final Snack Bar Update next week with the preliminary totals raised for our scholarship program.  Right now it looks like one more BIG PUSH to clear out our inventory and we will exceed our goal for this year.

Joe Lewis, 
Registrar, AYSO Region 58