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Welcome to Region 58

Over 2,000 kids and 100s of families & volunteers spend Saturday together at the park; cheering, laughing, growing and learning to develop a life-long passion for sports and the game of soccer.

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Fall 2016: Season Updates


For new information on Volunteer Stat's by Division and the TOP teams in our Region with Division Day volunteers, see our NEW Division and Team volunteer webpage at:  If your team is listed there, you are VOLUNTEERING ROCK STARS!!!!

We hope you enjoyed the first few weeks of games and we look forward to seeing everyone for another game day this Saturday

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Snack Bar Update


Hi Soccer fans,  

We have an AWESOME update for you.... last week was the best day for the Snack Bar that I can ever remember (and I remember a lot of days for a lot of years!!!).  We had record one-day sales, we kept the food hot, the smoothies cold and the lines short; all with the end result that the kids and parents came hungry, left satisfied and had smiles on their faces (which was great considering it was Picture Day).

Volunteer news:

I don't normally do it, but I really want to publicly acknowledge and thank a few people who were true "ROCK STARS" as volunteers:  
    1.  the Gentlemen o' Grill, aka "the GOG Squad", (Allan Weaver, Steve Reisig and Steve Orenstein) truly slaved over a hot BBQ from 6:45am until 2:00pm, all for the price of a smoothie (or two or three!!!).
    2.  Norah Vera, Amy Menke, Marta Harmon, Cara Rule (aka "Smoothie Queen"), Jaime Timsit - they help with setup and clean up, and manage the volunteers inside the snack bar, and work at the windows.  Each of them has helped out several times this season already, not limiting their help to a 2 hour time slot on a division day.

VOLUNTEERS – WE STILL NEED YOU FOR SATURDAY!!! As of this afternoon, we have just 8 of the 38 volunteer slots filled in the afternoon (from 1:00pm through the end of the day) on Saturday.  For some reason, these afternoon slots are very difficult to fill, but PLEASE find a couple of hours of time on Saturday to help us out.  Sign up at for any of the shifts – we really, really, really need your help.  If it is your Division Day (BU05, GU05, GU06, BU16) then definitely sign up.  If it is not your division day, then don't be shy; take a cue from our Rock Stars listed above, volunteer to help because it's good for the program, it's fun to do, and it's a great role model for your kids!!!
Food news:
1.  Breakfast on Saturday starting at 7:00 am - Almost 200 egg sandwiches were consumed (well, they were sold, and I hope they were consumed) last weekend.  Let's keep that momentum going this Saturday and come by for breakfast before your kid's game.  We'll have the normal tables / chairs / tents set up this week again, so you will have a place to relax and eat (and drink that Groundwork Certified Organic Coffee) before the game without the stampede of people commonly referred to as Picture Day madness.
2.  THIRD ANNUAL COFFEE TASTE CHALLENGE - the results are in... wait for it, wait for it, wait for it....As certified by the Public Accounting firm of BPS International (aka, Brew, Pour and Stir), the Groundworks Certified Organic Coffee unanimously won our taste challenge - not a single person asked for their money back and everyone said that it was better than all of the other coffee that is served at our Snack Bar.  
3.  Team Snacks and Snack Bar Bucks – A lot more people are realizing how convenient it is to buy Snack Bar bucks ($10 gets you $11 of SBB's) and use those for your team's snack.  You save money, you don't have to carry around bags or boxes of drinks or food that some kids like and some don't, the kids can pick what they want, and you support our program - win, win, win, win!!!  Don't just make this an after-thought when the designated snack person forgot to bring something.  Plan on it, pick up those Snack Bar Bucks on Saturday, and bring the team over after the game for snack or breakfast or lunch (or all of the above!!!)
4.  Progress on funding our Region's scholarships - after last Saturday's results, we BLEW past our $3,000 scholarship milestone and are now well on our way to achieve our goal of doubling the scholarship funds of $7,500 generated last season. Let's keep the momentum going.  If you came to the Snack bar last Saturday for Breakfast, Lunch or a snack (those churros and pretzels were FLYING out of the warmer), please come back again this Saturday and bring the rest of your team..
Lastly, enjoy your games on Saturday, keep hydrated (it's supposed to be warming up again on Saturday) and let's all have a safe, fair and fun day.  Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, please come to the Snack Bar to support our program.